Throwback Thursday : Mindy Gledhill Repost!

Remember that time Mindy Gledhill messaged me and asked if she could repost a painting I did of one of her lyrics?

My post


Mindy Gledhill’s Repost

Yeah… that was pretty freaking awesome. 👍🏻

Also, aren’t these such fun lyrics? All About Your Heart is the name of the song they’re from and it’s a darling song. I still love it. Another really good one? I Do Adore. But, all of her music is really good and worth a listen!

Bonus…. Mindy Gledhill has the most adorable personality. I don’t remember exactly, but at one point she had an online/tv show where she was sharing her progress on her 1978 tour bus conversion. This was the time I first discovered her and have been a fan ever since.



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