Artist Shannon May Mackenzie Drew the Story of Her Rape

WOW. Speechless.

Thank you, Shannon May Mackenzie. This piece of art is brilliant, beautiful, touching, and so inspiring.

The story of Shannon May Mackenzie’s rape now lives on in this short, masterpiece documentary.

The pain and hurt that other peoples’ actions can cause us is so real. A rape is like someone robbing you of the deepest most personal parts of your heart, your soul, and your self without permission. The outer shell of your body is left to continue on with life, but that’s all it is. Your body is a hollow shell. You feel completely empty inside. Love, trust, hobbies, interests… they’re all left in the hands of the rapist.  Finding and getting back those pieces of yourself can be the hardest thing in the world to do.

I love this piece of art by Shannon May Mackenzie. In it, she describes the process of purging all of the weight she carried around for years after her rape. “It’s a story that exists for me that needs a new home,” Mackenzie says, inspiring others, like myself, to tell our stories, too.

“It’s a story that exists for me that needs a new home.”

If you have been raped, it’s important to remember it was not your fault. You are not responsible for the actions of others and it is not your fault that someone decided to hurt you. A support network and/or counseling can help you heal and get through this difficult time. Not sure where to start? Reach out to RAINN (1-800-656-HOPE) for help finding the appropriate resources in your community.

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