Exploring Murals in Raleigh, NC

Last weekend Josh and I spent Saturday afternoon on the motorcycle exploring! It was probably one of the last weekends we’ll be able to take it out and not freeze while riding so we knew we had to take advantage of it! We decided to start by seeing some murals and artwork around downtown Raleigh. Our first stop was to see this mural on the side of a Salisbury Street building by Luke Buchanan.


I am always interested in the backstory of artwork… the where, the why, the how. Whether it is a painting, a song or a sculpture, the inspiration and thought behind it is fascinating to me. So, typical Sarah move: I researched Luke Buchanan before going to see his art.
Buchanan began painting after a traumatic event in his life — the loss of his best friend due to the aftermath of Hurricane Fran. Creating art can help trauma victims reconnect with that image-based part of the brain — the parts that have been overworked by trauma.  Art and painting became a method of healing for Buchanan before he even realized it.

Our next stop was the nearby Chutes and Ladders mural by Raleigh native, David Eichenberger. This colorful, playful mural is located on Hargett Street right across from City Cemetery and is one of my favorites so far!

Our last downtown stop was to Devolve Moto where we shopped, enjoyed a beer, and did some people watching. Describing themselves as “part adventure shop, part fashion boutique, part urban oasis”, Devolve is a unique and enjoyable little spot on Glenwood Avenue.

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