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Every time I do something artsy or whatever that I want to post on here, I feel like I need to have a full, well written and thought out article…. or post…. or story… or whatever. But why? This is my personal blog and I get to decide how to write it. I get to decide if the things I share are long or short, if they have photos or not, heck…. if they even have WORDS or not! Some things I do are not well thought out, but instead, done on a whim when inspiration strikes.

Like here, when I found this photo of MEO when she was just 8-months old. I looked at it and could instantly hear that big squeal of excitement she would make (and still does at 4 years old). Ah – it makes me so happy to look at this photo…. why does she have to grow so fast? I miss that little baby face. But, I do love the stages as she grows too.

Anyway, back to the photo. There’s one problem with it… All that empty, white space around it! Which isn’t really a problem so to speak, but, you know, something needed to be done about it.

And so it was. 🙂

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