Neighborhood Nature Walk & Scavenger Hunt with MEO (and a printable)!

Sarah-Olevsky_square_kids-nature-huntSome days, we have a LOT of energy. Some days, we need to get outdoors STAT. Rain or shine.  Luckily, today was shine. So what to do with an abundance of energy and a three-year-old home from school for the day?

A neighborhood-nature scavenger hunt!  I quickly drew things I was (almost) positive we’d see on a walk around the neighborhood to create this little scavenger hunt board!  Along with a box of crayons, a picnic blanket and lunch packed by Mary Ellen herself, we packed up and set off on our hunt!

Sarah-Olevsky-Nature-Hunt-Printable_RaleighNCWe took the stroller so we wouldn’t have to carry everything… and so I wouldn’t have to carry her! I clipped the scavenger hunt to a clipboard so she’d have something sturdy to write on when she spotted something. She held on to the clipboard and shouted out every time she saw something on the list! We then colored the picture of what she found with the crayons we brought! I love to see her pay such close attention to everything around her.  One of the spaces says “Something you find beautiful”; she colored that one several times because she found so many things beautiful! Oh my happy mommy-heart!


We eventually parked ourselves under the shade for a bit to eat lunch and play a little, then it was back to the hunt and home.  We had so much fun and actually spent a couple hours outside that I wanted to share the scavenger hunt with YOU to enjoy it with your littles! Download your FREE Printable here and share with me know how it goes!

Happy hunting!

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