MEO’s First Beach Camping Trip

I’m going through some old photos on my computer and found these from MEO’s first time camping on the beach! It was in 2016 at Carolina Beach, NC.

Look at that wild beach hair! ….and at this point, we hadn’t even left for the beach yet!

I remember that trip was chaotic. Fun, but a bit overwhelming. All weekend, not only was I covered in salt and sand (not a fan of that feeling on my skin), but MEO AND Queso were also covered in salt and sand. (That would be Queso’s first and last beach trip.) Josh also forgot his bathing suit, which made things interesting! Ha!

But we also had calm moments. We found some small pools of water that MEO and Queso could swim in. We walked along the beach for a loooongg time collecting shells, cooked out, and conked out in the camper watching movies together.

Sadly we don’t have that camper anymore so I’m not sure if they’ll be future beach camping trips! 🙁 Tents in the sand are really uncomfortable. The trips were fun while we had them, though! We’ve made so many great memories with so many of our friends over the past few years.

The next few photos were taken by one of our friends, Cali. This was a crazy night. Too memorable not to put them here. The biggest storm ever came FAST, and like out of nowhere! We were definitely not prepared! The boys weren’t even with us!! They left for a few minutes to go grab some firewood from the store.

So, us two girls start trying to hold down camp, and the storm ALMOST beat us, but the boys came through to the rescue. The only thing the storm took was our big red pop-up tent…. right out of the guys hands, too!

Even though the new camper can’t go on the beach, with it comes new adventures!

Let’s see where 2018 takes us!

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