Memorial Day Kids Craft

This year, daddy is out of town for Memorial Day and Mary Ellen and I are staying in our PJs as long as we can. Aside from Peppa Pig marathons and snuggles on the couch, we’re making giant messes in the dining room. (I LOVE our glass dining room table because you can literally clean anything off of it fairly easily.

SarahOlevsky_MemorialDayCrafts-0529I didn’t prepare for any sort of activities to do with MEO today (oops), so I had to come up with something pretty quickly that I didn’t have to leave the house for.  We ended up going out in the backyard to find sticks, which was a little tricky since it recently rained and all the sticks were pretty wet still, but we managed to find just enough! We broke them all to be somewhat-equal sizes and then MEO went to town painting them red, white and blue.

SarahOlevsky_MemorialDay_KidsCraft-0549She. Made. The. Biggest. Mess! Secretly, I love her messes BUT I CAN NEVER TELL HER THAT.  I can only imagine her trying her hardest to make the biggest mess possible…. one that will probably be impossible to clean up.  I do love to see her experiment and grow creatively, though.

After she was finished painting her sticks (and her hands…. and the dining room table), she went for a nice, bubbly, dunk in the bathtub.  Her water was purple from all of the paint on her! Next, mommy’s favorite time… settling down for a rest.  Not for me of course… don’t you know moms never sleep?  Rest time for me =  Flag assembly time!  It was super easy to arrange and glue the sticks together.  If you look closely at the photo above, you can see the two vertical sticks I glued the “flag sticks” to.  This was seriously a super easy project that was dry before she woke up, and she was thrilled with how it turned out! (Me too!) I think I’ll loop some twine through the sticks and hang it up somewhere in our home!

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