Mary Ellen’s Fourth Puppy Adoption Birthday Party

_saraholevsky-puppyparty-4Mary Ellen’s fourth birthday has come and gone and I’m still trying to wrap my head around the idea that I have a 4 YEAR OLD! Time has never flown faster than the day I became a mother.

This year, Mary Ellen decided she wanted to have a Puppy Adoption party and I found myself explaining: “I’m sorry, Mary Ellen, but we cannot give away REAL puppies to all of your friends”.

As each child arrived, they were led to adopt their puppy, give it a name, and fill out an OFFICIAL adoption certificate! (Find a link to download your own Certificate of Adoption to use at your next party at the end of this post!)


_saraholevsky-puppypartysaraholevsky-puppyparty-certificate-smA collar-crafting station allowed the children to personalize their puppy to know which one was theirs.

_saraholevsky-puppyparty-diy-dog-collar_saraholevsky-puppyparty-diy-dog-ears-and-playsaraholevsky-puppyparty-pinata-smA cute little puppy play station with lots of mini dog toys! Tennis balls, gold frisbees, dog bones… all the cuteness that my real dogs at home are now enjoying!

The night before her party I stayed up crafting DIY dog ear headbands for each child to wear.  I used a variety of colors of felt, mostly shades of browns, grays, white and black, to make each headband different. I also bought a black face crayon to draw a nose and whiskers on each puppy-child’s face.

We had about 10 children playing with their toy puppies, pretending to BE puppies themselves, and running wild around enjoying the afternoon at my mother-in-law’s house. (And can I just take a second and comment on how BRAVE my MIL is for letting so many excited, partying children into her home!?!) And she agreed to a piñata, one of Mary Ellen’s top requests this year.

We had a blast celebrating Mary Ellen turning four and are so thankful for our friends and family joining us!

Click to download your own Certificate of Adoption Printable to use at your next party!

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