Making Movies for MEO*TV

Hobby Kids TV … have you heard of them?  This family makes home videos with their three boys and it literally plays 24/7 in our house. (Okay maybe not literally 24/7, but it feels like it).  The channel, that I admit at first drove me out of my mind, has inspired MEO to make her own movies…. leading to her having her OWN little YouTube channel.

That’s right, MEO*TV. Check it out.

meo_tv_homevideo_1 meo_tv_homevideo_2

She’s been planning out an Easter video for her next one. I have tried to remind her that CHRISTMAS is the next holiday and it would make more sense for her to plan a Christmas video, but seeing as how her plans are extravagantly unattainable anyway…. I’m thinking maybe I should just let her dream.

Okay, back to iMovie. My little movie star has made like 4 MORE movies in the time it’s taken me to put together one little video for her!

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