Kristen Bell Gets Real About Life with Anxiety and Depression

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In a recent interview with Off Camera, shared by Buzzed, Kristen Bell gets real about life with anxiety and depression.  I was pleasantly surprised by Kristen’s comments about it; not being ashamed to say she takes medicine for it, and that she does a lot of introspective work to help herself cope.

“You wouldn’t deny a diabetic his insulin. Ever.” she says about the double standard that comes with the perception of psychiatric medications.

There are medications that can help, yet, because of the double standard, there have been periods of time when I have refused medication.  I fear being seen as weak, broken, incapable of doing anything on my own — because that is what the media has taught us about a person who takes any sort of psychiatric medications.

Here’s what people don’t realize:

“Having an anxiety disorder simply means that you may have a different biological and neurological make-up than other people. The use of medication may help take the edge off and can also enable you to be receptive to learning stress and anxiety reduction techniques.” (Health Central)

The thing is, medications can help tremendously if taken properly under a doctor’s supervision.  It took me a long time to get past the stigma that comes with psychiatric medicines and realize that, at this point in my life, taking them is so beneficial to my health.  With the proper doctors and counselors on my side, I am working really hard towards a life of HEALTH with goals of one day not needing to take medicine daily. (Because, yes, it’s a MYTH that once a person starts taking anxiety and/or depression medicines, they’ll be on them forever)

Watch Kristen Bells’ interview for yourself and love her even more.

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