Hello, First Snow of 2017!

Hello! I hope you all are staying warm!  We’ve got record-breaking temperatures coming our way, and it even started snowing eeearrrllyyyy this morning! I don’t know exactly when… I briefly woke up around 3:30am and there was only rain, but when I woke up this morning around 7:30, the ground was WHITE!

So what did I do? I ran to MEO’s room to show her! She was so excited and couldn’t wait to play in it!  Persuading her to get dressed and eat breakfast before going out to play wasn’t the easiest task of the day, but we made it through. WHEW! 😉 In the past few months I feel like Mary Ellen has really grown into a little girl.  The holidays meant a little more to her in 2016. At Halloween, she understood the concept of dressing up and going trick-or-treating and even kept up with the older neighborhood kids (with the help of her cousin Christopher)!  I admit I missed holding her hand and encouraging her along, but watching her do it all excitedly on her own made my heart explode into a million pieces.  My baby is becoming a little girl! This past Christmas was no different. From picking out our Christmas tree to baking cookies for Santa to opening presents on Christmas morning, MEO was so excited for it all. It was definitely the most fun Christmas we’ve had with her yet!

Santa brought her and Daddy silly string in their stockings. Obviously, they got me good.
I’m obsessed with these houndstooth print pants on her!

Now here we are, already a week into the New Year (WHAT?!) and we’re experiencing the FIRST SNOW OF 2017! Again, the most fun snow day we’ve had with her yet! We even enjoyed sledding with our friends this afternoon and came home for apple cider to warm up!

Click below to check out some of our snow day fun on MEO’s YouTube Channel: MEO*TV!!

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