Happy Birthday Daddy!

I’ve mentioned it in earlier posts, but since MEO has turned four, it’s like the holidays became much more fun.  She asked to go trick-or-treating outside with the big kids this year, she understood the concept of Santa Claus, and on Josh’s birthday this year, all she wanted to give her daddy was a birthday party. So instead of picking out a gift for him, she picked out cupcakes, balloons and party decorations.

The cupcakes had rings on them because, according to MEO, “Daddy LOVES rings!”. She also picked out a giant, 3D, dog shaped balloon that was bigger than her.  It was wearing a red collar though, and “Red is daddy’s favorite color!” (it really is), so into the cart it went!  Once the shopping was complete, we went home to setup for the party! Watch our video below for some of our party fun…. and a little karate thrown in there too!

Our dear friends Josh & Brandy and Trey & Anna even came over to celebrate with us and they played right along with MEO’s hosting the party.  Props to the birthday boy and all the adults who acted like those plastic cupcake rings were the most beautiful rings they had ever laid eyes on.


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