Family Vacation to Disney World in Orlando, Florida!


SarahOlevsky-MEO-monogram disney minnie shirtY’all… we’re back. Disney World is a blast, but boy are we TIRED!  I want to write this post so I am able to look back and remember the trip, but I also want to make some notes about the trip to help you prepare for your Disney vacation!! If you’re planning a trip to Disney it is so important to DO YOUR RESEARCH first! Disney is not a place you want to walk into without a plan, especially with a child! Read some of our experiences, what worked and what I might do differently next time!


To start the trip off right, our three year old screamed when her ears popped for the first time on the plane. She screamed for like an hour! Okay, not nearly that long, but within the close quarters of the plane it definitely felt like it! In actuality, it was probably less than 5 minutes. The flight home MEO did better… we fed her lots (and lots and lots) of candy to keep her chewing. It did the trick! No screams… just a hyped up, WIRED child stuck on an airplane where she can’t move. Hmm… maybe we didn’t quite think that one through to the end either 😉

meo on plane

Well, first, getting from the airport to the B Resort: we took a taxi. In my research, I was told that all taxis in Florida are required to have a carseat. I found that all of them did have carseats in their trunks, except for one.  So, while I’m not really positive if it’s a law or not, we didn’t bring our carseat with us and we had no trouble traveling in taxis with a 3-year old.

B-Resort_Sarah-Olevsky_DisneyB Resort & Spa is on Disney property, but it is not a Disney Resort Hotel.  However, since they are a hotel on Disney property, we were able to take advantage of the free shuttle services! The B Resort & Spa was beautiful: clean, modern, friendly and helpful staff.  For the times we were at the hotel, they have a pool, a spa (we didn’t visit it), a restaurant, a Disney store, a kid-zone play area and the perfect little market store for snacks + coffee!

We spent our entire day at Magic Kingdom; most of it in Fairytale Land. Our time in Magic Kingdom was all about MEO. In order for everyone to have a good time, I think it was important that all of the adults were on the same page with that. For me, it’s just as much fun watching MEO have fun!


Once you’re in the park, have your mind set on GOING WITH THE FLOW. Between fast passes, lines, crowds, the weather… you never know what could happen. Make a plan, but don’t get worked up if you can’t follow it exactly. Maybe I should suggest making a GUIDELINE instead of a plan?!!

Also important… BRING A STROLLER! Or rent one, but I liked having ours because it was a small little umbrella stroller that we could pick out in a group of strollers.  The rental strollers are much larger and they all look just alike. When you get in line for a ride, look for designated stroller parking nearby. If your stroller is not parked in designated stroller parking areas, they will be moved! I found this out when a lady in line behind me was panicking about her stroller being stolen.  Turns out, it was just moved to the nearest stroller parking area.

There are characters dressed up all over the park. Whether you want to wait in line to meet them or not is up to you, however, if you do meet them, be sure you have your autograph book open and ready for them to sign. They move everyone in and out fairly quickly. And also, the characters take breaks! We were waiting in line to meet Tigger and Pooh. It was hot, we were sweaty, and the kids in line were getting antsy.  Imagine our surprise when we’re about 1/3 of the way through the line and the characters LEAVE! Apparently Pooh needed some honey and Tigger needed some… cake? They came back a few minutes later and continued with their visits, but my initial reaction (and most everyone else’s in line) to them walking away was “WHAT THE !?!!! …WAIT …NO! COME BACK! WHAT’S GOING ON? COME BAAAAACK!”. They did. But, then with only 3 people in front of us, guess what happenes… THEY LEAVE AGAIN! Now, I do understand that their costumes are HOT. And in that Florida sun, I don’t blame them one bit for taking breaks. I’d rather them take a break than pass out from heat exhaustion, but it was hard for the kids. MEO didn’t understand why Pooh had to LEAVE to get honey when he was surrounded by 20 honey pots at the meet & greet station… and I just didn’t know how to stand up for Pooh in that scenario without telling her there’s a person inside that needs to cool down!


Arrive to lunch between 11 – 11:30 AM.  At 12pm, it’s like magic happens and the restaurants are instantly packed. This was something I read and found to be so true!

We waited in NO lines.  3 FastPasses came with each of our ticket purchases, but no one at Disney ever told us about them! If my husband hadn’t told me to look into it, I’m pretty sure we would have missed out. The FastPasses allow you to “sign up” for a ride and skip the line!  Then, once you’ve gone on your three FastPass rides, there’s an app that you can download to KEEP SIGNING UP for them! All for FREE!!

We didn’t have them but I do see how they are a useful thing. Instead of having to pull out our ticket (which is like a credit-card) for every ride, we could have just scanned our wrist bands… if we had them. No digging into pockets/bookbags each ride and no risk of dropping/losing your card. Probably a worthy investment for next time.

These were great for the times when I was a puddle on the floor and got no photos of MEO meeting the princesses.  Professional photograhers take pictures of your children/family and give you them on a card with a code. Load the code to onto Disney’s website and view/download/order your pictures! Super easy! Super awesome!

This was an adorable little 3-D show starring Donald Duck, and a nice break from the heat!  MEO didn’t like wearing the glasses, but she was fine watching the show with them off.

Trust me, you’re going to want to download one of the following apps to view wait times during the day:

  • My Disney Experience
  • Disney World Wait Times

There are several FREE things to do at any of Disney’s theme parks, or at Disney Springs and Disney Boardwalk. I plan to post a more in-depth article about these soon! Until then, here’s some of the best advice I received when planning our Disney trip:

Leave enchanted, not exhausted!

Have you been to Disney? What are some of your favorite things to see and do there? Do you have any advice for traveling with children? Share them in the comments below!


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