Exploring Ninth Street in Durham, North Carolina

9th Street in Durham, NC is a place so close to my heart.  I don’t get to visit it as often as I’d like, but I take every chance I can to.  I’ve recently had the opportunity to do some chalkboard art at The Rickhouse‘s 8-foot by 8-foot chalkboard (It’s AMAZING!!!!), so I’ve gotten to go down to Ninth Street a few times in the past couple months, which is unusual, but exciting! (YAY!)

11 years ago, towards the end of my ED treatment at Duke Hospital, Ninth Street became my escape.  Located between Duke University’s East and West Campuses, it has a college vibe that was comforting, since I wasn’t having quite the “college experience” I had imagined in high school.  It should come at no surprise to anyone that the coffeehouse was my hangout.  I wish I could remember the name of what it was 11 years ago. (Beanery…something…? If anyone knows, please help me out!!) It’s now under new management and is called 9th Street Coffee House and Juice Bar.  I haven’t tried it, but I’ve heard mixed reviews.  Georges Java is also only block or so away, and it is delicious!  I should try 9th Street Coffee House and Juice Bar on my next visit.


Some other really awesome places you can’t miss checking out if you visit Ninth Street:

1. Elmo’s Diner (776 Ninth Street, Durham, NC)
Friendly staff, delicious food made from scratch in right there in their kitchen, vegetarian friendly, and the coolest diner atmosphere.

2. The Regulator Bookshop (720 Ninth Street, Durham, NC)
Founded in 1976, The Regulator Bookshop is a cozy, 2-story used bookstore that carries a wide collection of high-quality, used books.

3. Vaguely Reminiscent (728 Ninth Street, Durham, NC)
They call themselves a clothing store, but they are the BEST gift shop ever.


And on my bucket list of places to go on my next outing to Ninth Street: Monuts


Do you have any favorite places in Durham or on Ninth Street that you love to visit and explore? Share them with me in the comments below!

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