Easter Egg Exercise and Number Game for Kids with a Free Printable!

Originally this was a super quick game that I threw together for MEO because she had wayyyyyy more energy than I did and that needed to change, like, ASAP.  When she continued to ask if we could play it every day for a week after, I decided to make something a little prettier to share it with you!

So, I made a pink and purple marbled background, scanned it in to my computer and typed exercises over top. Download a printable at the end of this post! Cut out the exercise slips, stick one in each easter egg and you’re ready to play!

We took turns, each picking out an egg and following the instructions inside.  Even after playing this game multiple times, she continued to ask to play it for days afterward! Games are a great way to get kids moving while having fun and learning all at the same time!

Download a copy of the exercises we used here!  There are a few blank ones for you to fill in your favorite exercises too! Let me know how the game goes with your little one!

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