Eating Disorders

Food Photography

Food Photography

As an artist and a designer in ED recovery, my interest in food has stemmed from a creative place I never knew existed in me. For as long as I can remember, food has been a turn off, so to find a way to connect with and enjoy […]

Exploring Ninth Street in Durham, North Carolina

9th Street in Durham, NC is a place so close to my heart.  I don’t get to visit it as often as I’d like, but I take every chance I can to.  I’ve recently had the opportunity to do some chalkboard art at The Rickhouse‘s 8-foot by 8-foot chalkboard (It’s AMAZING!!!!), so […]

Be Kind to Yourself

A couple weeks ago, I was having a heart-felt conversation with someone that led to me talking about my fears, self-doubt, and insecurities.  In that conversation, I was asked a question that continues to linger in my mind… “What would you say if someone was saying these same things […]