Camping & 4Wheeling in Uwharrie

Josh recently got a new buggy that has a back seat already built for kids, so we took MEO on her first 4wheeling adventure!

Below the video are a bunch of photos from the weekend!

We’ll be back as soon as possible, I’m sure. MEO was so sad that we were not camping for one more night in Uwharrie. Now she keeps talking about how much she wants to go back. They’re closed for the season, but I see some daddy-daughter camping trips coming up in the Spring!

Grocery shopping for the camping trip!
Where we camped: Art Lilley Memorial Campground
MEO loved the big open parking lot to play in
Ate breakfast at the Eldorado Outpost where MEO also picked out a stuffed horse.
Ate breakfast at the Eldorado Outpost
Getting loaded up and strapped in for her FIRST 4wheeling trip!
Cool moss & roots

Heading to the trails in the new buggy
MEO loves exploring nature
MEO loves exploring nature
A Texas rock!
MEO loves exploring nature. Here, she’s carving a rock with another rock.

“Why drive up the rock when you could just walk up it?”


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