3-Year Anniversary Adventure : Motorcycling to Little Switzerland, NC

I’ve never been much of an adventurer.  Wrap me in a blanket in the comfort of my home, stick a hot coffee in my hand, and I’ll be perfect.  In the past year, though, I’ve become interested in exploring more.  Instead of being fearful and anxious of the unknown, I’ve started to become curious.  We’ve taken small family adventures — one night in the camper here and there — but this has to have been my biggest adventure yet.  It wouldn’t have been possible with anyone else. Josh has an ability to calm my anxiety, bring comfort and reassure me that every little thing is gonna be alright (…singin’ don’t worry, *don’t worry* ’bout a thing…). With my anxiety, communication with one another is so important.  When we are able to communicate clearly and really listen to each other, we are able to better support each other be there for each other better.


Our trip began on a late Friday morning.  We loaded up the saddlebags with as many clothes as we could stuff in them, hoping we’d have enough for the weekend.  Don’t forget to triple check that our rain gear is A) packed, and B) easily accessible… since it’s supposed to rain the entire weekend and all we have for this trip is a motorcycle.  Josh asked several times in the week prior to our trip if I was sure I was up for the rainy, mountain, motorcycle adventure. I debated, but knew in the end that with Josh everything would be just fine, rain or shine.  So, we went for it.


2 hours in, we stopped for lunch just as it was starting to sprinkle.  While we ate…. DOWNPOUR.  We get the check and Josh asks, “Two hours left to go on the bike. Wanna wait it out, or just go for it?”  The adventurer in me said go for it and it rained the entire time.  If there is one thing I learned on this trip, it is RAIN SUITS = EVERYTHING.

As we approached the mountains, I completely forgot the coldness of the rain (and my oh-so-sore bootie).  And, although I was having some ear-bud issues (I could NOT keep the right one in my ear… even with my helmet on it was falling out!?), there was nothing on my mind but my music + the gorgeous mountain views + the sound of the rain on my helmet (so relaxing!)

We arrive at Little Switzerland Inn, barely able to see 50 feet in front of us through all the rain and fog ((sketchy!)).  First stop = check in.  Next = bar.  After that long, cold, rainy drive, an ice-cold beer was much needed.  The bartenders were amazing — 100% on top of their game and talked to Josh and I as if we’d all been friends forever.  Seriously great service, however, we weren’t at the bar long before we were back in our room passed out from the exhaustion of the day.

Meyfels in Asheville, NC

Saturday was full of adventures to Asheville.  I’ve never explored downtown Asheville but people have told me how much I would enjoy it. I couldn’t wait to explore the area…. although, not much exploring actually happened.

You guessed it… more RAIN!  We did get a little sunshine; just enough to pop into a little craft fair going on and find a place to eat lunch.  An eclectic little place called Mayfel’s with a full Bloody Mary bar was the winner. I’d tell you how the Bloody Marys were if I liked them… but I don’t, so I went for an ice-cold Cheerwine in a glass bottle instead; a Carolina favorite!

Sunday we had to head home, but not before having a conversation about when our next trip back would be.  Until next time, Little Switzerland and CHEERS to 3 years and many, many, many more with my hubs!SarahOlevsky_Blue-Ridge-Parkway-NC_3581

View from the pool at Little Switzerland Inn in Little Switzerland, NC directly on the Blue Ridge Parkway!
How lovely and happy are the walkways at Little Switzerland Inn?
Views from Little Switzerland Inn in NC
The restaurant and bar at Little Switzerland Inn.

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