8 Breakfast Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is only 2 days away and I really want to make a LOVE-ly breakfast for my family this year!

My dad has been coming over about once a week for the past year to teach me a thing or two about cooking, making this is the first year ever that I feel confident I can actually make a breakfast my family will enjoy. (Only time will tell…) I’ve narrowed it down to these 8 (still EIGHT?! ahhh!) recipes below…

1. Pink Cinnamon Rolls by Love from the Oven 2. Homemade Heart Shape Biscuits by Dude Mom 3. Heart Pancakes with Sprinkles by Darling Darleen 4. Heart Shaped Eggs by Our Mini Family 5. Red Velvet Marble Waffles by Cafe Delites 6. Roasted Heart Potatoes by Haniela’s 7. Homemade Heart Poptarts by Lauren Conrad 8. Red Velvet Pancakes with Cream Cheese Glaze by Cooking Classy

Decisions, decisions…. I can’t decide!! Which one would YOU want to have on Valentine’s morning? Let me know in the comments below!


Yesterday morning was a blast making a big Valentine’s Day breakfast with MEO. I’m glad I’m starting to enjoy cooking again. There have been a few months recently that I just was not motivated to cook or be creative at all with my food. Maybe this Valentine’s meal was just what I needed to get me back in the groove.

We ended up making the Homemade Heart Shape Biscuits by Dude MomHeart Shaped Eggs by Our Mini Family, and to complete the meal,  bacon for Josh. We were so caught up in the meal that I barely got a picture of the heart shaped eggs! (Oops!)

I definitely want to try and make some of the other Valentine’s recipes I listed, but I’m definitely not waiting until next Valentine’s Day to do so! Which should I try next? I’m thinking the heart shaped, sprinkle pop tarts 🙂

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